Real Estate Investments
Investing in the Dominican Republic is a safe and cost-effective action given the great strengths of market that has the country.
Unlike many countries where taxes are wearing property owners, the Dominican Republic does not have these problems.
Properties with rateable value of up to € 100,000 are not taxed, and those assessed value * above € 100,000, the tax is 1% of surplus figure just mentioned.
Then talked about rather insignificant numbers compared to any real estate investment in other countries.
Another strong point is the annual return on that investment.
Put in income properties in tourist areas, guarantees a return of between 6% and 10% per year, and a continued appreciation because of growth.

Projects in the Dominican Republic
The Dominican Republic has been the goal of many large investors who develop projects of medium / high level and always in Twitter Search other partners to participate with smaller stakes in these extraordinary building projects.
An investment of this type involves the construction of buildings to be sold with a guaranteed return on investment of capital in a short period of time, with interest of up to 100%.
With wise and not excessive investments you can make optimal treatment participating in high-level projects.

The Samaná Peninsula, El Dorado of the Dominican Republic
The last area of ​​high tourism and real estate development in the Dominican Republlica is represented by the Samana Peninsula.
Served by the international airport of El Catey, in the northern part of the island, the Samana Peninsula is the last unspoiled and uncontaminated area where building projects are becoming very interesting and significant state investments.
The main tourist attraction is represented by Las Terrenas, a small town of 12,000 inhabitants, mostly of Italian, French, and local.
Initially obscured the most famous tourism places via large afision, with classic and resort complexes with the formula all inclusive, Las Terrenas is becoming a very popular tourist center known for its exceptional and unique features throughout the country.
The absence of large hotels and resorts has enabled this city to keep intact and free beaches, counting tens of kilometers of beaches interrupted.
This has made the real estate market has developed directly from the first line, with a number of properties and oceanfront residences unparalleled throughout the Dominican Republic.
The property prices are also lower than other tourist areas and growth expectations really.
The Samana Peninsula is the last major discovery in the Dominican Republic for tourism in general, and for the last time appreciated globally, taking rank among the world's most beautiful and unique attractions like the island of Cayo Levantado and the arrival of beaches whales each year to give birth in Samana Bay.